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Green Sand Interactive is a premium service for sand analysis, analytics and green sand related casting rejection control and solution providing service for foundries. This service is delivered as is a web based, SaaS application on the cloud and can therefore be accessed online on any device by user registration, login ID and password.

Founder's Desk

Mr. Deepak Chowdhary

Data analytics is transforming the way the world is looking at their data legacies and mining their digital as well as their experiential data, to reclaim lost profits as well as to be able to predict future events, to avoid mistakes of the past and build and innovate based on their invaluable data legacy. There is a transformation on data ownership happening worldwide, which will fuel innovation in the future. Datawin Solutions, which has a Team Erudite and highly competent data scientists, would like to develop products that will be a part of this exciting future. In context, we wish to focus on the domain of data analytics software development for companies that would like to use our domain competence.

Sand Analysis Report

Customer sand sample reports are enhanced by expert comments from highly experienced application personnel, Viewable without restriction , free of cost, at any time.

Secure Access

GSI provide further enhanced service by secure login and password protected access to your reports on our webpage.

Expert Comments

All reports on customer sand samples are enhanced by expert comments from highly experienced application personnel.The service enables the User to benchmark their test results with Datawin Solutions results and synchronize procedures wherever necessary,avoiding laboratory test errors, which can be misleading and costly.


Helps user understand fluctuations/ variations/ deviations in sand parameters and related rejections to identify possible causes and take corrective action with the benefit of the foundry’s own data.

Subscription Service

Subscription service for a nominal amount, adds value by allowing the User To annotate Events (installation of a new mixer, change of supplier or raw material, change in process of any kind).To add Rejection data to the date of the sand sample on the express rule that the date of the sand sample,

Specialized Access

Access specialized, value added services for testing specific sand characteristics as available from time to time; for example: SiO2 of raw sand, Fe2O3 content in bentonite, etc.


SandLab is a well equipped laboratory dedicated to not only conventional testing of advice related green sand parameters, but also many non-conventional tests backed by personnel with 15+ years of pure sand related testing and analysis experience.

Sand Lab Service


GSI has a growing repository of high definition, detailed, Step by Step video Tutorials on Sand Tests. These video learning modules will prove valuable to coach new recruits as well as to brush up on the international test procedures form time to time so that the foundry data generation and analysis processes can be maintained up-to-date and robust SOP so that the whole foundry is aligned to standard test results.

E-Learning service

Green Sand Advisory / Blogs

Green Sand Advisory is the sole initiative of Mr. Deepak Chowdhary who is the Founder Owner and Managing Director of MPM, India's leading and largest producer of engineered lustrous carbon additives for use in foundry molding processes to improve foundry surface finish quality and reduce sand related casting defects. Mr Chowdhary is also the inventor of Sandman which is the world's first cloud based data analytic software for optimisation of the foundry green sand system with a view to reducing casting defects (

GSA was started in 2016 and three volumes have been published so far on experiences in Sand Molding Practice and how it impacts casting rejections. This service is the result of Mr. Chowdhary’s 35+ years experience in sand molding practices in ferrous foundries.

You will also find blogs on data analytic on interesting topics and experiences of leading industries and apply them for example, on how foundries can reclaim lost profits by leveraging their own historical and experiential data to deliver castings more accurately in terms of quality and in time by optimising their molding and casting processes.

E-Learning service

Audit Service

Oftentimes, under pressures of production, pressing casting deliveries, frequent pattern changes, management expectations etc., the sand plant which actually delivers productivity of sand molds in which castings are made & the molding process itself gradually and almost invisibly deviates from the process controls that were initially settled. This results in casting quality deviations which take time in understanding why it could so happen.

Therefore Just as books of account are periodically audited by experts to review the state of the company’s accounts, and verifications and analysis for deviations in budgets and performance are analysed, discussed and rectified so also GSI introduces for the first time in the world it’s concept of SAND AUDIT service under the terms of which an expert team of auditors, well experienced in the working of an overall sand system will carry out two audits in a year at 6 months interval for a predetermined charge. The objective of the audit will be verify, confirm and report observations of the state of the relevant points in sand plant that impacts the molding process and consistency of the green sand, the laboratory and the accuracy of the sand related tests being carried out and an executive report on the additive inputs such as raw sand, bentonite, lustrous carbon, etc. This service is not for determining the state of the maintenance of the sand plant.

The foundry management and then decide to review the audit report and take corrective action where and if necessary. The parameters that will be checked will be informed in advance. The quotation for such audit services will depend on the size of the operations of the individual sand plant and is available on request.

Audit service

Green Sand Consultancy

Green sand control, management and practice can be very simple as well as very complex. varying quality of input materials (additives), varying sand to metal ratios, frequent changes of patterns, changes in the core weights compounded by the ‘layering’ of varying core diluted return sand, unnoticed changes in the molding machine parameters or compactibility controllers, etc can compound and confound the best of process managers in the day-to-day pressures of managing the complete casting process and ecosystem.

Defects are destiny of the casting process. At best it can be controlled, but never avoided. Therefore, if you have a situation which is draining your profits in terms of sand related defects, whether specific or general, our team of green sand experts drawing on 35+ years of green sand related expertise, are available to you on request. Please download the questionnaire by clicking the following link: QUESTIONNAIRE and sending us a request for quote for providing consultancy services on how to analyse and provide solutions for your sand related casting defects.

Green Sand Consultancy Service

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